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OMD EM5 - Lensbaby Composer Pro Double Glass

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OMD EM5 - Lensbaby Composer Pro Double Glass posted by leosidd November 19, 2013 11:26AM reply | quote
posted by leosidd

I just purchased the lens baby composer pro with double glass. Put it on my OMD EM5 and turned it on. I don't see any image on the screen or on the viewfinder. I tried setting the camera to A, S and M and still nothing. Has anyone experienced this ? Is there a setting in the camera that I need to change ?

Re: OMD EM5 - Lensbaby Composer Pro Double Glass posted by Joe Nation November 23, 2013 02:26AM reply | quote
posted by Joe Nation

Not sure about this particular camera, but many others require a setting change, usually along the lines of 'Allow Shutter without Lens' or 'Allow Manual Lens'.
Re: OMD EM5 - Lensbaby Composer Pro Double Glass posted by Onibi December 02, 2013 08:19AM reply | quote
posted by Onibi
Unfortunately i do have that problem as well on my EM5.

@Joe Nation - the OMD doesn't have a manual lens option but it has never stopped me from popping one in and using it as is. I have tried a number of legacy lenses with three different adapters and they all work fine.

When i plug in the Composer Pro, i would see nothing on the EVF or screen as if the lens cap was still on (it wasnt.. i checked multiple times).

I checked for any obstructions and there doesn't seem to be any. I tried the edge 80 and it gave me the same results. Blank screen.

Upon closer examination - it seems like the light meter is still working and are possibly getting the right sorts of data as well (the LM reacted when i put my hands in front of the lens and so on). But i wasn't able to change the shutter speed using Manual, Aperture Priority nor Shutter priority (thought i gave it a try).

Failing to figure out what's going on with the rig... i took the battery out and put it back. Still the same symptom. I did a full reset on the system - and it still exhibits the same symptoms. And then i tried reformatting the card and it still gave me the same stack of symptoms.

Leosidd - can you reply if this matches up with your problems or if you managed to fix it somehow?

Re: OMD EM5 - Lensbaby Composer Pro Double Glass posted by sr patife December 02, 2013 08:43AM reply | quote
posted by sr patife

After searching for some answers for you, it seems its not possible to preview the image.


Also note that these are not coded or chipped so when you shoot with them yo will NOT be able to see what lens you used or for aperture info in the EXIF. Kind of like shooting film so if you want to remember, you have to log it."]
source [www.stevehuffphoto.com]

Also check his [lensbaby.com] under MICRO FOUR THIRDS

hope it helps

Nuno Caldeira
Lensbaby Lovers

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Re: OMD EM5 - Lensbaby Composer Pro Double Glass posted by leosidd December 02, 2013 09:56AM reply | quote
posted by leosidd
I was able to figure out what was wrong. When you take out the lens from the camera body there is a small plunger along the rim of the camera body which gets released. With the lens out of the camera body that plunger is fully extended position and if you look at the EVF or the screen you'll be able to see light on them indicating that everything is fine. However if you slightly press down on that plunger then the screen and EVF go black. So that was the problem. The lens baby lens has a slot to accommodate that plunger however it was lining up perfectly with the camera body so when I put the lens the plunger got depressed and the light was cut out. I solved it by twisting the lens a little harder on the camera and that made the slot and the plunger line up and then it worked fine.
Re: OMD EM5 - Lensbaby Composer Pro Double Glass posted by Onibi December 02, 2013 06:49PM reply | quote
posted by Onibi
leosidd - You were spot on. The plunger was a bit off when i tried it.

I twisted it a bit more as you suggested and it seems to do the trick.

Thanks again!

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