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What are your thoughts and experiences!

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What are your thoughts and experiences! posted by Explorator February 11, 2013 08:24AM reply | quote
posted by Explorator
I was looking to only use Lensbaby products. I am looking to get the Composer pro, the sweet 35, double glass 50, and the edge 80.
I am wondering what else I will need. I am drifting into a new area of photography, glamor and fashion. Should I get the Scout also or can you achieve the same straight on sharp picture with just the composer? Also what other accessories might I need? Such as a aperture kit or maybe the macro attachments for taking close up pictures for textures? Any way let me know what you think about only having Lensbabys and your experience with the lenses. Thank you much for your time.
Re: What are your thoughts and experiences! posted by sr patife February 11, 2013 11:59PM reply | quote
posted by sr patife


getting the Scout would be pretty useless, since you will buy the Composer Pro, you can lock the lens straight forward. So you dont realy need the Scout.

Regarding the other doubts, if you like the soft photo look, you might look out for the soft optic.

About the macro kit, it depends, if you buy the sweet 35 and Edge 80 go for the macro converters (these are compatible with all of the optic), the macro kit is only compatible with the optics that have a 37 mm thread (double glass, single glass, soft optic, plastic and zoneplate/pinhole). You cant use the macro kit with the fisheye, edge 80 or the sweet 35.
If you like the custom bokeh look, go ahead and buy the aperture kit and use the creative apertures that are included or cut your own shapes.

If you need wide angle, you might want the super wide angle (only compatible with the 37mm optics), caution it vignettes on full frame sensors.

Hope it helps

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