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Three Spark Questions

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Three Spark Questions posted by mattdm November 29, 2012 12:50AM reply | quote
posted by mattdm
Hi! Three quick questions on the new Spark.

First, I know that the aperture is fixed, but is the optic otherwise different from the regular double-glass optic? I've heard speculation that it may be of lower quality.

Second, my camera is a Pentax. Will the Spark eventually be offered in mounts other than Nikon or Canon?

And third: the specs warn that the Spark isn't well suited for the heavier optics. Is this because it's more flexible than the Muse, or would that warning also apply to the Muse but that page hasn't been updated?

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Re: Three Spark Questions posted by BFCoughlin November 29, 2012 08:46AM reply | quote
posted by BFCoughlin
I don't know the answer to your first two questions; but my understanding in terms of the third is that the construction of the Spark is not strong enough to hold up the heavier optics. The construction of the Muse is. That being said, there is a general feeling that to manipulate something like the Edge 80 with the Muse would be challenging. I'll let you know! I have (and love) the Muse and got the Edge 80 today. It's going to take time to master it, but I can already sense it can be done. The attached photo was taken with that combination.

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