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Uncoated glass and the way it sees light

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Uncoated glass and the way it sees light posted by Analoggab October 12, 2012 08:30AM reply | quote
posted by Analoggab
Hi guys,

I wanted to know more about the differences between the single glass and the double glass so I did my homework.

What I gathered is that the single glass will be less sharp and more "imperfect", more vintage-like whereas the double glass ressembles more modern lenses, more precise, less "artifacts".

My main question is: do the single glass react to light much more differently than the double glass? I loved working with old Cooke lenses for some film projects since they had older coatings that create a milky, very organic images. (i.e. the light would leak or rather disperse/affect the whole image)
Is that also what I can expect from the single glass vs. the double glass.

Thanks guys!
Re: Uncoated glass and the way it sees light posted by ranfoto October 14, 2012 09:25AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

The optics react differently depending on the shape of the aperture, the F-stop used, whether or not additional optics were in front of the LB lens .

The single glass can be dull and soft or sweetly dreamy, based on the type of light that is used .

I find the double glass more contrasty, so the images appear to be sharper.....again depends on the light available.

Under hard light, very directional.....the single glass is very lovely .

Over the time I've been using Lensbaby lenses and their optics, I found there's no end to the results you can render, so don't think that one is better then another.

Part of the fun has been to discover how to use each optic and to find glass you can adapt, well not only glass but plastic, vignettes, apertures, etc.

The game is never ending.....imaging/Bending is too much fun, so just get started.....!
Re: Uncoated glass and the way it sees light posted by Analoggab October 18, 2012 04:26AM reply | quote
posted by Analoggab
Hi ranfoto, thanks for your answer.

Yes I plan to experiment like crazy. I just want to start with one or two lenses and needed to decide which one to get...

So when you say under hard light the single glass is very lovely, do you mean light "floods/leaks/flares" the frame much more than the double glass would?

Re: Uncoated glass and the way it sees light posted by TG-J (Admin) October 18, 2012 08:51AM reply | quote
posted by TG-J

The single glass does flare more into shadows in hard light, also has quite strong blue fringe ,that does transfer nicely to B&W. puts a nice edge on objects. tony

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