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Nikon D7000 questions

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Nikon D7000 questions posted by channa August 30, 2012 10:40PM reply | quote
posted by channa
I own a D7000. I am extremely intent on trying out lensbaby lens.
After my research, I have narrowed down on Composer Pro, with Sweet 35, and possibly a Macro kit.

What I shoot:
* Children (always moving :))
* Wildlife
* Close up/macro

My questions:
* I understand that there is no auto focus with LB lens, and that the camera should be set to manual mode to work.
* But will other camera/lens features, like shutter and aperture work?
* If I change the aperture in the camera body, will it reflect in the lens.
* If I set at a particular shutter speed, will it work as expected?
* Will continuous-shoot and bracketing work?
* Can I record videos?

Final few questions:
* What kind of scenario is ideal to shoot with LB lens?
* Is LB lens good for capturing sports/action (which need high shutter speed)?
Re: Nikon D7000 questions posted by rivkab September 23, 2012 02:26PM reply | quote
posted by rivkab

Hey, I just got the composer with the double glass and I use the D7000. You can either shoot in fully manual mode or in aperture priority. You can't change the aperture in the camera body only in the lens.

I have only just started using it, it takes a while to get used to focusing and finding the sweet spot. For me I think I would only use it for portraits of adults or older children that are not constantly moving, and still life.
Re: Nikon D7000 questions posted by ranfoto September 24, 2012 12:08PM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

Using any of the Lensbaby products takes practice to get what you want from them, but don't be afraid to jump in and use them or any project.

Since you are not a Lensbaby user at present, I wouldn't go out on an assignment with only a Lensbaby on your camera ... then have to come back with keepers, but with a lot of practice and a ton of fun you can be very creative just using your Bender optics .

Once you master the creative use of the Bendy aRtform you wonder why you even need an auto-everything OEM lens...they seem boring compared to using aRtful optics.

Some photography needs to be edge to edge sharp if you're just recording data images, but portraits are about character and looking for the soul of your subject....using a Lensbaby is perfect for seeing people from a different viewpoint.

You mentioned macro.....well the Lensbaby is a whOpper of a close up image maker....extension tubes, macro conversion lenses, even just adding a magnifing glass in front gives you endless possibilities .

Landscape.....well.....again....you are only limited by what you can imagine, the little LB is a dream machine...for sure !

And.....you really don't need the most expensive Lensbaby options to make great aRt, the Latest $80 wonder will work perfect, I still pop on my "Original" Lensbaby from eight years ago to go out "Bending" !

I warn you though, Bending is addictive and once addicted, be prepared to invest in the quest for better aRtful imaging :) .
Re: Nikon D7000 questions posted by channa October 24, 2012 11:18PM reply | quote
posted by channa
If I shoot in aperture priority mode, then will the D7000 determine the right shutter speed? i.e. will the metering work?
Re: Nikon D7000 questions posted by channa October 24, 2012 11:20PM reply | quote
posted by channa
I think I've finalized on what I want to buy.

Composer Pro + Sweet 35 and the "macro converters".
Re: Nikon D7000 questions posted by David Morel October 25, 2012 02:54AM reply | quote
posted by David Morel


David L. Morel

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