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mirrorless cameras posted by adele August 11, 2012 02:00AM reply | quote
posted by adele
I'm thinking of getting the Sony a NEXF3 camera. Will the composer pro lenses for this type of camera work with my Pentax k-x?
Re: mirrorless cameras posted by picnic August 11, 2012 08:12AM reply | quote
posted by picnic
The Lensbabies have specific mounts plus I don't believe the Pentax is mirrorless which have much shorter flange distances, so no, I'd say not. One can use almost any lens on the mirrorless cams with converters so its more possible that you may be able to use a Pentax mount LB with a converter to the NEX rather than vice versa.

For instance, I have Canon EF lenses and FF body and if I bought my LB in EF mount I could use an EF to m4/3 (I have Panny G1, GF1, G3 and Olympus OMD) and use that lens on one of those. I can not use it vice versa; i.e., the m4/3 mount used on an EF mount body.

I would decide which camera you would prefer to use with Lensbaby and buy that mount-just MO.

Good luck. You'll enjoy it on which either camera you choose it for.


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