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wedding posted by ameliamg July 16, 2012 07:41AM reply | quote
posted by ameliamg

I am serving as a back up photographer this fall at a wedding. I'd like to use Lens Baby for the job- Lensbaby has come out with several new products that I'm not as familiar with.
If my overall goal is to capture images that are soft with the blurred edges, what recommendations would you make?
Re: wedding posted by Marcum July 16, 2012 09:09AM reply | quote
posted by Marcum

I would consider the double glass or single optics; you would need to do some work determining what aperture, if any, to use for the "look" you want. Also the soft focus optic, again tested to find the results you want.

The Edge 80 and the sweet 35 would give you the option to change apertures on the fly, the SW35 has a circular zone of focus like the double glass optic, the Edge 80 is a rectilinear lens with full plane focus (as is the soft focus optic) that can be tilted for zone of focus.

The E-80 and SW35 may be the best two for a wedding, due to the ability to change aperture settings. One other plus with the E-80 is a macro function that might come in handy for very close-up shots. I would use the Composer Pro body, or you could use the Muse if you are nimble fingered.

Good shooting!

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Re: wedding posted by ameliamg July 17, 2012 01:46AM reply | quote
posted by ameliamg

great advice here! thank you- I do not currently own the Composer pro body, I do own the Composer, I'm hoping these optics will work with it!

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