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Sweet 35

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Sweet 35 posted by gillyw March 05, 2012 07:08AM reply | quote
posted by gillyw

just thought I'd ask for some advice, I received my sweet 35 optic last week ....I've been using the double glass optic in a composer and find it nice and clear and sharp and very smooth when fine focusing, but no matter how much I practice I can't get good shots with the sweet 35 :-( as I'm turning the focus ring my view through the viewfinder jumps, it seems to focus and then jump slightly, what i look at through the viewfinder seems to lift as i turn the focus ring and then drop.......I don't know if it's just simply that I haven't got the optic sitting in the composer correctly, I have refitted it many times but it is always the same. 
Has anybody else had anything like this? I'd been so looking forward to using it :-(
Re: Sweet 35 posted by ndroo March 06, 2012 09:53AM reply | quote
posted by ndroo

Not very sure what you mean by 'I'm turning the focus ring my view through the viewfinder jumps' but I'm guessing that you can try tighten the Composer?

Re: Sweet 35 posted by TG-J (Admin) March 06, 2012 10:12AM reply | quote
posted by TG-J

Sounds like something may be catching some where, if this is not happening with DGO. it says it is not the heli-coils. I think there is 3 different angles U can mount the SW35 from , are U lining up the white slash on the optic with the Os on the composer?

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Re: Sweet 35 posted by gillyw March 06, 2012 03:08PM reply | quote
posted by gillyw

Thanks for replying - yes iv made sure the white 0's are lined up, I have also tried fitting it not lined up but still the same, I will have another try, maybe it is faulty, I was just hoping somebody would have a magic solution for me

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