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3G owners feel left out

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3G owners feel left out posted by bigtalljohn December 26, 2011 06:28AM reply | quote
posted by bigtalljohn

As one of the unlucky punters who bought a 3G and can not alter their lens like all the other optic swap club, what is the most obscure alteration to date.

I have a step up rings x7 with polarizing filter + ND 64 for landscape as well as extension tubes for macro
Re: 3G owners feel left out posted by Duh_Vinci December 26, 2011 06:55AM reply | quote
posted by Duh_Vinci

You know, my first lens from LB was 2.0, sometime in 2006-07???

I loved it then, and I love it still, despite the inability to interchange the optics. I still find it's fluidity and extensive stretch exceptional for many subject, and often use it exclusively with out any reservations for months at a time.

I too have adapted multiple options for this non-interchangeable optic lens, anything from step-up rings so I can use my Hoya 49mm macro diopters, CPL and even home made "mood" filters, made from a clear plastic of CD case and inserted into $0.99 ebay 37mm filter frames where I removed original glass.

Even used plastic sandwich bag wrapped around the front element for some grungy results.

Re: 3G owners feel left out posted by bigtalljohn December 27, 2011 12:08AM reply | quote
posted by bigtalljohn

do you find using the step up rings for the macro diopters shows dust easily or does the general blur disguise it.

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