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Close minded

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Close minded posted by BananaJoe June 22, 2011 04:36PM reply | quote
posted by BananaJoe
Did any one else noticed the close minded of the photography
community to the Lensbaby effect?
Ppl r close minded to even sharpness and even boka.

This is so funny that most positive feedbacks i get from young photographers and non photographers.

My verdict is if my friend and i like the photo :)

what about u?

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Re: Close minded posted by TG-J (Admin) June 22, 2011 10:19PM reply | quote
posted by TG-J

Joe , I am presuming you are referring to the reaction of the masses on DP Review. I must admit I checked out the reaction on the news forum - it makes me giggle. For some people some things are just beyond comprehension . How do you measure boka , it requires an opinion . It takes a different vision to see the subtleties of "Out of focus. :)tony
Re: Close minded posted by FocusPocus June 22, 2011 10:46PM reply | quote
posted by FocusPocus

Lensbaby is definantly a "love it or hate it" sort of thing. Also, a lot of photographers just like to argue (or so it seems to me). The forums are full of "How sharp is sharp enough", "Why digital editing makes you a bad photographer", "Is film coming back", "What is good bokeh", and on and on. All these topics (and others) tend to erupt in major arguments.

Personally, when I want blur I use my lensbaby and when I want or need a sharper picture I use my Canon lenses.
Re: Close minded posted by Superthor June 23, 2011 02:48AM reply | quote
posted by Superthor
For the typical "sharp-o-holic",the lensbaby with its blur and partial vignetting is totally useless,because these people often want a crystal clear photo,wich they later can "unsharpen" in the way they want it,just by using photoshop.
Of course,for color slideshow pictures of landscapes or large man-made structures,i prefer My mid-format camera,but for other use,the lensbaby works fine for me.


Homer Simpson
Re: Close minded posted by ossimandius July 06, 2011 03:39AM reply | quote
posted by ossimandius
I agree with FocusPocus, it's horses for courses, I use normal lenses a lot of the time but Lensbaby gives me something different, to enjoy and experiment with, why worry what anybody thinks if you enjoy what your doing?
Re: Close minded posted by Mark Wade July 12, 2011 01:28AM reply | quote
posted by Mark Wade

Closed minded is the perfect term (for some critics). Amateurs and free thinking photography artists will be the forerunners to innovations. Knowledge can be a deterrent to expression, and change is abhorred by those unwilling to embrace new ideas (especially if they did not think of it first).
That even includes using the LB. I have been questioned and criticized for using F22 and camera movement in my work…it just seemed to defeat the LB purpose in their mind.
If we allow others to dictate what is and is not “good photography”, and live by those rules without self-examination, then we betray the message, the final work, and ourselves.
“They” are not responsible for our message building.
Of course, if it is popularity we seek, conforming might be the order of the day.
Each piece we build requires us to build a message with all available intention (tools), regardless of foreseen reactions. The entire art world would be a very boring place if some critics and “experts” had their way.
Re: Close minded posted by joxon July 12, 2011 02:24AM reply | quote
posted by joxon

As I see it; the important thing is the result and getting there, if someone deem the lensbaby "useless" they are probably not looking for the same result.

Understanding that different lenses have different purposes is hard for some people, but i think its downright ignorant that you can think that a particular lens doesn't serve a purpose...

Imagine a landscape-photographer who would declare a 300mm lens useless just because he can't create a certain result with it. :)

I'd also call it close-minded to believe that the effect is easy recreated in photoshop. Before i bought the lens I tried different methods of recreating lensbaby-effects none of which gave a desired or resembling result.

(And besides, if there is a way to do it in post, who would wanna spend extra time in front of the computer? Also seeing the result directly in the viewfinder while composing is key)
Re: Close minded posted by trexpixx July 12, 2011 08:47AM reply | quote
posted by trexpixx

You are so right. Photography snobs. Just try entering a photography contest with a LB. It is like an incomplete job application and it is automatically filed away.
Let me tell ya about my experience. I attended a regional photography conference and entered the photography contest for participants. There was less than 20 entries, with 2 images per contestant. So there was not very many images to judge. Not many entries but it was a big conference with speakers like Joe McNally, Rick Salmon and one other big name wildlife photographer.
The contest was judged by one of these "photography giants" and right after I had just sat through their slideshow and lecture. Oddly enough the whole lecture was about taking risks, unique points of view and creativity. I was all jazzed up.
So I eagerly checked out the results to find both of my photos rated and judged to be the lowest. Okay, a bit of deflated ego after reading that so my first thought was "okay what did win first place"?
It was the ugliest picture of a flower that was past its prime, half wilted, drain of its color. The photo it self was just horrible, lacked contrast, color, composition and you could tell that these were not creative choices.
What did I submit? Well, of course, one of the images was a LB. It is here in my gallery. It is not exceptional, but it is a far better image than the one judged to be the winner. The other image was of an elephant taking a wiz. That may not elicit laugher in you, but it was damn funny. It is funny because I titled the photo "Wicked Pissah". For all of you not familiar with this term, per the Urban Dictionary; wicked pissah is the way a person in New England would describe something as being really awesome. Now say wicked pissah in a Boston accent.
I can bet this judge did not get the joke. The real thing that I took away from his lecture and judgements (all of the images were scored for all to review), he was full of crap!!! Obviously he did not believe anything he said about taking risks and creativity. Needless to say; 1.) I have never entered an other contest 2.) These so called professional hold no sway over me. I no longer look to them for experience on photography unless it is how to pack a bag. 3.) Always trust your own judgement and instincts (not just in photography). This guy was a big fat fraud. I do want to say that Joe McNally was the real deal.
The experience opened my eyes to a few things. I do hate posers. I do love the LB, it was my first and only lens for several years. You should have seen the looks I got at that same conference for using my LB during the model shoot. I was crowded out many times, some people felt that I was not as serious about photography as they were.
Here is a few additional images from that model shoot that are not in my gallery and the flower submitted for that contest.

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