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A tree

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A tree posted by TG-J (Admin) March 30, 2011 05:14PM reply | quote
posted by TG-J

to look over me. Thanks for looking. LB0 & Nikon D1x (pullin' out the antiques). tony
Re: A tree posted by RichB March 30, 2011 09:44PM reply | quote
posted by RichB

Nice composition, and an image that suits your description so well.

Re: A tree posted by jffoto March 31, 2011 06:28AM reply | quote
posted by jffoto
Agree with Rich-I think the antiques are doing a great job!

Re: A tree posted by TG-J (Admin) April 01, 2011 12:58AM reply | quote
posted by TG-J

Hi Rich ,thank you. Hi J , ta. This was the tree I was sitting under watching my youngest boy play his first soccer game of the season, looks like I'll be getting out of the yard on weekends. Have become a real hermit . " Mrs Brown you've got a loovly daughter." SEE. tony
Re: A tree posted by Do7anii April 01, 2011 01:27AM reply | quote
posted by Do7anii

i love this one. great work

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Re: A tree posted by popquiz April 01, 2011 03:45AM reply | quote
posted by popquiz

instant fav for me. This looks like one of those "From the ashes rose life anew" type of pictures. Great capture. If you happen to go back to this site I'd be interested in a next is series type shot, like two-weeks later.

...it's like nailing JELL-O to a tree!

Glen Copeland
aka: PopQuiz

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Re: A tree posted by will April 05, 2011 02:57AM reply | quote
posted by will

Really nice work!
Re: A tree posted by Mark Wade April 08, 2011 01:55AM reply | quote
posted by Mark Wade

well done!

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