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tilt transformer posted by aphoto December 25, 2010 11:52AM reply | quote
posted by aphoto
I am not having much success using my Tilt Transformer with a m4/3 camera and a nikon mount lens. After tilting the lens and taking the pic, I see very little effect. thanks joanlvh
Re: tilt transformer posted by BARONDLA December 26, 2010 12:48AM reply | quote
posted by BARONDLA

Playing with the TT myself. Using an Olympus E-PL1 and Nikkor 50mm E series lens. Like the other Lensbaby lenses there is a learning curve.

I use the lens at F1.8. This gives a thin band of focus (instead of round sweet spot of other LB lenses)that can be shifted by tilting the lens in the direction wanted. Try opening your lens wide open to see the slice effect.

Another use of the TT turns the camera into a small view camera. Try shooting length wise down something like railroad tracks. With a normal 50mm lens (no TT) it would take an aperture of F16 or 22 to get all the track in focus. With the TT angle the lens down so it is closer to parallel with the tracks. This gives considerably more depth of field (amount in focus). Now you might be able to get the tracks in focus at F5.6 or 8.

The only lens I have at the moment is a 50mm. A wider lens would allow doing more with the TT. Also can't wait to try it on a large tele lens!

Keep playing. Post some pics so others can chime in.

Hope this helps

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Re: tilt transformer posted by aphoto December 30, 2010 12:29AM reply | quote
posted by aphoto
thanks for all the info, I am getting a better result, Have you been able to get a horizontal line of in focus in your image? joanlvh

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