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Jerky focus ring

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Jerky focus ring posted by catmurphy October 02, 2010 03:45AM reply | quote
posted by catmurphy
I find that my Composer does not focus smoothly. The mechanism seems to have some play in it. It this a normal "feature"?

Re: Jerky focus ring posted by bnzai9 October 02, 2010 11:10AM reply | quote
posted by bnzai9

I just checked my Composer up against some of my regular Canon lenses and the Composer is definitely a bit looser focusing than my 10-22mm or 24-70mm Canon lenses but the Composer isn't jerky and there is no play to speak of, just not quite as tight and smooth perhaps.
I would find a shop with a composer and check yours against it but there shouldn't be any play in the focus ring.

Re: Jerky focus ring posted by gauteov October 02, 2010 09:20PM reply | quote
posted by gauteov

Have registered same - or similar - tendency with my Composer. Both with the Double Glass and the Simple Glass. Most pronounced in the far end. It is not easy to explain due to my english. The explanation seems to be that the optic is somewhat not in level. And the left part is moving less smooth than the right and therefore in between "jumps" to align with "the right side". This is visually most clearly seen focusing far.
Re: Jerky focus ring posted by Canonizer October 03, 2010 05:22AM reply | quote
posted by Canonizer
I tried two Composers now with the same experience. The manual focus ring is not smooth and consistent during its entire rotation. At the closest focusing distance, the ring rotation is jerky. After a quarter of a turn or so, it smooths out and becomes a bit more consistent. Many of my shots are at or near minimum focusing distance, so this is highly annoying. Being a manual focus only lens, the focusing experience should be consistent and smooth. If you're expecting the focusing experience of a Nikon, Canon, et al. manual focus lens, you'll be disappointed.

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