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muse: should it sound crinkly?

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muse: should it sound crinkly? posted by mattdm November 05, 2009 09:12AM reply | quote
posted by mattdm
So, I returned the Composer for the Muse -- I missed the squeeze and bend from my 2.0. The one I got from B&H has clearly been out of the box before, but it looks in fine condition. However, there's a strange sound when squeezing to focus, like crinkling paper.

The 2.0 never did that — is it normal for the Muse?

Still getting used to the larger size; a bit disappointing but overall I think probably worth it for the interchangeable optics. (In retrospect I would have kept the 2.0 and added the Muse for the zone plate, but hindsight apparently has the largest in-focus sweet spot....)
Re: muse: should it sound crinkly? posted by pathography November 05, 2009 07:23PM reply | quote
posted by pathography

My muse makes a bit of noise. I really never noticed it till I just check now. I have not seen and problems arising in teh images from it though.
I think if you shoot with it a bit more, your disappointment will pass. I find it to be a better build lens then the 2.0, but that's just me~

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