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photos from suriname

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photos from suriname posted by tom December 31, 2004 11:28AM reply | quote
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Taken with film-800 speed since the jungle has such low light.
Even though the sweet spot isn't so sharp in some, I still like the effect. Not quite as easy to use as with digital, but I think consistency will come with more practice.
Re: photos from suriname posted by Craig (Admin) January 02, 2005 01:23PM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Great subject matter. The first one has the kind of material that makes the Lensbaby effect really aparent. The other two are more subtle.

Your scans look a bit flat. You may want to do an auto contrast in Photoshop to get the tonal range more contrasty and colors more saturated.

What took you to Suriname? How was your trip?

Looking forward to seeing more.


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Re: photos from suriname posted by tom January 04, 2005 12:08PM reply | quote
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Thanks Craig-
The scanner just wasn't getting the color right, but I didn't know how to fix that, other than getting a better scanner. I'm just not up on my technology. This seemed to work pretty good. Here's one of the previous photos using the auto contrast, plus a couple others.
I've been going to Suriname for a few years, working on an archaeology project, so it was nice to take the Lensbaby along for some variety. It's an amazing, amazing, place. It's very humid there, so the viewfinder kept steaming up, which made focusing difficult, but I slowly figured it out.

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