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Another first Lensbaby shot ...

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Another first Lensbaby shot ... posted by Ben Lovejoy December 18, 2004 03:34AM reply | quote
posted by
Well, not quite the first, that was a very boring test-shot (which came out fine), but the only one I liked from my first afternoon playing with it.

In general, my impression is that it will work best on a single, well-defined subject. I can definitely see myself taking some fun portraits with it, and I think it will be great for anything where you want to simulate movement. But I think this shot illustrates that it can have some other uses too.

I took about 60 shots, and that was the only one I liked. I haven't
added it to my gallery yet as I have no idea how to classify it, as
it isn't quite Places and it isn't quite People and it isn't quite
Abstract ... Suggestions on a postcard, please!

I found it quite tricky to get the focus right - the combination of the relatively small viewfinder on the D70 coupled to the small focus area of the lens wasn't a great one - but I'm sure that will come with practice.

Having no metering was far less of a hassle than I expected. Within an hour or so, I could guess the shutter speed correctly more times than not.

I'm taking it on holiday with me, so will hopefully have some more shots to post early in the new year.


Re: Another first Lensbaby shot ... posted by Craig (Admin) December 18, 2004 09:07AM reply | quote
posted by Craig


Sounds like you have the technique down. Especially the willingness to shoot a lot of frames to get your image.

Very simple and intriguing photograph.


You could not step twice into the same rivers; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.
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Re: Another first Lensbaby shot ... posted by Ben Lovejoy December 18, 2004 05:56PM reply | quote
posted by
You wouldn't say that if you saw all my failed-focus shots! I'm sure practice helps a lot, and as you say, you just have to accept that the nature of this lens is that only some attempts will work. For any given shot:
- you might guess the metering wrong
- you might fail to get the subject in focus
- you might fail to have the sweet-spot fall when you wanted it
- you may get everything right but the effect doesn't really work

But hey, it's a lens for creative experimentation, and it's fun. :-)

Add another vote here for some way to lock the focus, by the way. I think part of the reason it's hard to focus is that you can lose the focus point as you move the sweet-spot. Being able to set the focus in the centre of the lens, reframe slightly and then move the sweet-spot back to the focus target would make it a fair bit easier to use.


Re: Another first Lensbaby shot ... posted by David Morel December 20, 2004 03:15AM reply | quote
posted by David Morel

Ben...this has a really nice feel to it! The blur of the people just emphasizes their movement!

David L. Morel
Re: Another first Lensbaby shot ... posted by Ben Lovejoy December 20, 2004 09:08AM reply | quote
posted by
Thanks, David - I was out looking for suitable scenes the play with the LB, and that seemed like a good one for exactly that reason.


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