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Personal Profile:  Outsider Artist, amateur photographer who just discovered Lensbaby, and has been playing with friend's optics. Own 2 lenses, and single focus optic, but am debating which to get next. Have not played with fish-eye yet, but because I love the artistic shots, I am quite sure that is what I will buy. LOVE Lensbaby. I have a Canon EOS Rebel xti, but am thinking of upgrading to Canon 50D or 60D. I do not like to edit my photos, preferring to try to get a perfect shot the first time. I will use i-photo to crop though. I am hoping to learn enough here to really perfect my skills. Already, I am very pleased with the progress I have made, and the only optic I just cannot figure out at all is the Pinhole/zone plate. I wish each optic and lens came with a manual. That would really help. The forum is just not enough for a beginner.


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