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Personal Profile:  My name’s £ukasz Borkowski. I was born in 1974 in Lublin, where I have been living till today. Maybe it isn’t anything special but most of people run away from this town – but not me, I’m still here (I don’t think it’s heroism). Here, 12 years ago (in 1993), for the first time I appeared on the stage of Institute for Stage Movement Resaerch ??? (Instytut Badania Ruchu Scenicznego) at Jerzy Leszczyñski’s Vision and Movement Theatre (Teatr Wizji i Ruchu). Pepole call the Theatre „theatre of the Silent”. Since that moment my attitude to the world around changed. Over 9 years I was learning to be a mime: I took physical exercises but also developed my knowledge how to comprehend (pojmowaæ) the world in a metaphoric way, being based on pictures and sounds. Then I was trying to transmit my experiences (sensations – odczucia) on movement and develop it. Through these 9 years I was studying difficult art of symbols and the ways of expressing them with the tiniest breath of my body. I was also verifying myself in performances – so constructed, that I was able to participate in the process of creation as well as Thanks to pantomime I became able to look at the world as a whole as well as analyse it noticing the nuances. I learned myself. (got to know myself 7 years ago by „stroke of fate” I stood in front of a camera – I got a chance to verbalise my thoughts. I started to cooproduce cultural programmes in TV. The cameras absorbed me completely. But I still felt missing something. Then I started to my experiments with pictures. For the first time I was able to “run” on an open space and mix my experiences (sensations) with „real” sounds and visualisations. Those were my tiny projects “crowned” with small movies. In year 2004 I joined a group of DJs and drummers called „Sambasim soundsystem”. They are interested in Brasilian rhythms and melodies. And at last I found myself in this amazing country too. Today I work in Polish TV (as a presenter). During last 5 years I was conducted almost 1000 different events. Today I am also a teacher at secondary school: I am author of a „media path”. Through literature, art, psychology I try to present how one can think in an alternative way about current matters. Also teaching mutual relations as well as how to receive the art in its brad meaning.thats all sorry for errors


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