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Lensbaby, LLC (“Lensbaby”) makes the Lensbaby friends forum (hereinafter referred to as the “Forum”) available to members of the public in order to provide a convenient place where people can exchange ideas regarding the use of Lensbaby. products. While Lensbaby is not responsible for the content posted by users of the Forum, Lensbaby reserves the right to edit or remove any such content, at its sole discretion. For example, Lensbaby may, from time to time, determine that certain Forum content is not relevant and/or is objectionable, and therefore, Lensbaby may edit or remove such content. If Forum content is so removed or edited, all Forum readers will be alerted to this fact by the insertion of the following at the end of the affected posting: [Some or all of the content of this posting has been edited or removed by Lensbaby and/or its designated moderators pursuant to the Notice Regarding Use And Control Of Lensbaby, LLC.s Friends Forum]. The author of an edited or deleted Forum posting will not be specifically or separately notified that his or her posting has been edited or deleted.

From time to time, Lensbaby may enlist the assistance of several anonymous individuals who will act as moderators of the forum and who, along with Lensbaby, will have the ability to edit or remove Forum content, as described above. Lensbaby reserves the ultimate right to edit and control all Forum content, including any edits or deletions made by a moderator. Lensbaby also reserves the right to withdraw and change moderator appointments and to suspend and/or revoke any Forum user.s posting privileges, all at its sole discretion.

All Forum users are asked to exercise common sense and act in a reasonable and judicious fashion when posting on the Forum. When using the Forum, please be courteous to others and follow the following Guidelines:

  1. Please be polite when posting. Rude and/or threatening posts will not be tolerated. Similarly, do not use the Forum to air grudges or dirty laundry.
  2. Please note that content may be edited or deleted if it is confusing, inaccurate or objectionable.
  3. Please do not use the Forum for customer service issues . in order for Lensbaby to properly and promptly respond to such issues, we ask that all customer service issues be directed to Lensbaby via the telephone (971-223-5662), e-mail (Kirsten@lensbabies.com) or U.S. mail (516 SE Morrison St., Suite M-4, Portland, OR 97214).
  4. Please feel free to use the forum for technical questions, as other Forum users may have unique and helpful insight. However, if a specific answer is being sought from Lensbaby, please treat your question as a customer service inquiry and direct it to Lensbaby, as described above.

Lensbaby thanks all of its Forum readers and posters for making our corner of the world a special and better place.

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