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Velvety flowers

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Real Name:AJ Schroetlin
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Personal Profile:  I'm 35 and I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my dog and cat. Yep just an hour from Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park. I've always enjoyed taking pictures, using my Mom's Canon A-1, polaroids, and point and shoots. I never did much with it. Just a limited hobby. But I've recently needed a career change and a lifestyle change so I bought a Canon 20d, then a 5D, some lenses, including the LB2.0.....and 3G and started snapping away. Now I have more pictures than I know what to do with and am learning to market myself and my stuff and make a go of it. I love capturing wildlife and nature, people and pets, and fine art. I really enjoy my Lensbaby!!

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Re: Steppin' up at Sandy's beach 10/31/09
Steppin' up at Sandy's beach 10/31/09   9
Hawaiian Islands-Fisheye Style 10/31/09   16
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Re: Soft Focus Zooming In...(Updated 10-25with f8 Images) 10/31/09
Re: The Back Porch Bandits 10/31/09
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Re: In the blur 10/31/09
Re: Arizona Landscape 10/31/09
Re: o o o 10/31/09
Re: It's Only Natural: FE & SF in the Woods 10/31/09
An Ollie T wannabe 01/25/09   7
Ahh, the light of winter. 01/25/09   15
Going up or down? 01/25/09   10
Re: He loves shoveling snow! 01/25/09
Re: Snowy Meadow 01/25/09
Re: white horse down the street.. 01/25/09
Re: observations 01/25/09
Re: Two Shots 01/25/09
Re: I hate dummies for babies 01/25/09
Re: No More Lurking - My Composer Arrived! 01/25/09

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