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Real Name:Rodger
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Personal Profile:  Teacher, husband, general nerd. Fell out of photography for a decade. Finally was drawn back in with the Canon G9. I realized how much fun I had missed and jumped into a DSLR soon after, Sony Alpha 300. I'm very excited by the entire lensbaby line up and the creative possibilities.

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some friends pets 11/27/09   5
Re: losing it (II) 11/21/09
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Re: HDR in the fall 11/15/09
Re: new portrait shoot: sophie 11/14/09
I must not hop in class.... 11/13/09   8
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Re: One from a portrait session Sunday 11/11/09
Re: Looking for feedback. 11/10/09
Re: Castelluccio di Norcia,Italy 11/10/09
Re: NY, NY 11/09/09
Re: bunnies at school 11/09/09
some pictures with the niece and nephew 11/08/09   8
Re: abstracto: 11/08/09
Re: Star Trails and Jet Trail (Fisheye Style) 11/08/09
Re: poem of restrained skies (I, II and a cut) 11/07/09
bear with me... 11/06/09   4
bunnies at school 11/06/09   6
Re: All Saints' Day Full Moon 11/04/09
Re: drifting my skies... 11/03/09
Re: fisheye in the 'hood 11/02/09
Re: My First Snail! 11/02/09
Re: portrait shoot of my friend 10/29/09
Re: macro love... 10/29/09
Re: Some fall shots - Bucks County, PA 10/29/09

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