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Personal Profile:  I am doing social work ( eldery care), I am married and I have 3 kids. I live at the edge of a city (Linz). I love the great outdoors and I enjoy spending time with my family. Two of my passions are music and Scotch Single Malt Whisky. I first encountered photography in adolescence. I started with a Pratika MTL 5 (former East Germany). The camera works with an integrated light meter, otherwise automatic. It is fun taking pictures with it. I took loads of pictures, but at a given moment I sort of lost interest because I was so much involved in my trips abroad. And then came the digital cameras. I soon had a Nikon D 70 and realized that many things had changed or were about to change. I got offered a LB 0 two years ago. At the beginning I was sort of perplexed wondering what to do with this very object. I had troubles with focusing and finding the right exposure. Nowadays I rarely use anything else than the LB. I bought a Nikon D 100 and have got the LB 2 and the 3G,the composer and the muse but I'm still a sucker for the original LB....it's actuality my favourite.... It might be that, one day, I will use my passion professionally. many thanks to my family for the patience and love and the Lensbabies team for supporting me ! thanks everyone and many thanks for dropping by ollie ;)

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