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Studio Space: Crabcakes

Real Name:John Panian
Posts:  2,416
Personal Profile:  Husband, father, caterer, some say chef (though I'm not paper-trained), unapologetic Lensbaby Evangelist, and LensbabyAddict since 2007. Have been shooting pics since childhood (around 10?), started with a Canon 35mm viewfinder, then Minolta slr (couldn't tell you what model), then KM x570. Made the move to digital about five years ago. Recently made the move BACK to film. I now shoot with Sony a100, a700 and Minolta Maxxum 5. Have worked in the food industry for 25+yrs. My wife and I now own and operate a small catering business (most of the time it's just the two of us). I use every LB tool I can get my hands on with macro, wide-angle and telephoto accessories and creative apertures of my own design. The LB has changed my photography and my world.

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