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Studio Space: Martini Mike

Real Name:Michael P. D'Arco
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Personal Profile:  Amateur photography began with film and a Pentax in 1993. I did mostly black and white work then. There was a huge gap of no photography between 1999 (with the theft of my negatives) and 2008. Then I crossed the digital divide with a new Nikon. I am "re-learning" and discovering the world in color mostly at this time. I enjoy capturing a spontaneous moment out on the town. I seldom do a staged shoot. I enjoy portraiture of people as well as animals. I have shot celebrities, politicians, and models. Interesting sidenotes? I am a former "almost famous" rockstar, as I like to say. I lived the “Decline of Western Civilization” in late 80’s Hollywood, CA as a rock vocalist. Now I actually earn a living in the IT field by day. My side occupations include promotions, marketing, Nightlife Guru, and writer. I am known in certain circles as "Martini Mike", International Martini Assassin. • Online Portfolio at http://www.flickr.com/photos/martinimike

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