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Real Name:Peter Atwood
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Personal Profile:  I'm a knife and tool maker. I invent, design and manufacture small batch runs of specialized gear and gentleman's accessories for both users and collectors. I work with a lot of different materials such as exotic steels and titanium to create my functional goods. I've been doing this web based tool business for a number of years now and up until this year have only been using Canon point and shoots for my product shots. This spring I finally decided it was time to get into DSLRs for both my business and pleasure. So I've invested heavily in all sorts of excellent equipment, mostly Canon. Since I am a huge experimenter by nature I was immediately drawn to the Lensbaby products the moment I saw them and have fallen in love with the super cool images that they are capable of producing. I live in a world of daydreams much of the time anyway so the Lensbabies are right up my alley!

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