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Re: Elements Study (water) 6 days ago
Re: dreamy daisys with plastic optic and macro converter 7 days ago
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Re: Roma - Forum Romanum 7 days ago
Re: The Lensbaby Joke Thread 7 days ago
Re: Fisheyes on Film! 7 days ago
Re: Couple More Redscales 7 days ago
Re: The Lensbaby Joke Thread 1 week ago
Re: Fly Away (4) 1 week ago
Re: Pet Rock 1 week ago
Re: Nikon body + Tilt Transformer 1 week ago
Re: Self Portrait 1 week ago
Re: What Music Are You Listening to? 1 week ago
Re: 63 Split Window Corvette 1 week ago
Re: destroyer 2 weeks ago
Pet Rock 2 weeks ago   7
63 Split Window Corvette 2 weeks ago   11
Re: lens for a beginner? 3 weeks ago
Re: Micro 4/3 version vs converter 3 weeks ago
Re: Transforming a Speedster 3 weeks ago
Transforming a Speedster 3 weeks ago   2
Re: Ken Rockwell 3 weeks ago
Re: Steel wool with a fishey above water. I did it! 3 weeks ago
Re: Q: How to focus with the fisheye object in the dark? 3 weeks ago
Re: Colors look a bit off with my first Lensbaby photos 3 weeks ago

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