Edge 80 - Getting Started

Congratulations! Your Edge 80 has just arrived, you've torn open the box, inserted it into your Lensbaby lens body and popped it on your camera. You're ready to shoot anything that walks in front of your lens. Just follow our five quick tips to make sure your first experience with Edge 80 is the best that it can be!


Set your diopter. Like all Lensbaby lenses, Edge 80 will be a manual focusing experience. Make sure your diopter is set properly for your eyesight.


Don’t necessarily trust your light meter. Tilting with the Edge 80 moves the optic’s circle of light from the center of your image sensor and may cause your light meter to become unreliable - use the LCD and histogram to check or adjust your exposure.


When your Lensbaby lens body is pointed straight ahead your images will look like they were shot with a standard straight lens.



Tilting your Lensbaby lens body with Edge 80 gives you a slice of focus through your image. Tilt up & down, left and right, at diagonals, and rotate your focus ring to move your slice through different parts of the image. Experiment!


Change aperture to control the width of your slice of focus - f/2.8 will give you a thin slice of focus with abundant blur, while f/22 will give you a mostly sharp image with just a bit of blur.