Photographer Corey Hilz is an expert on all things Lensbaby – in fact, he’s literally written the book on it!  Lensbaby: Bending your Perspective (2nd edition) is out now from Focal Press. Learn everything you want to know about Lensbaby lenses, optics & accessories. Find inspiration and ideas for your own work from hundreds of beautiful photos (by Corey and other Lensbaby photographers). Get tips on placing your sweet spot of focus, when to shoot wide open versus stopped down, what types of subjects work best with Lensbaby optics, and much, MUCH more.

Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective makes the perfect holiday gift for any Lensbaby fan, or anyone new to Lensbaby who needs a little help getting started. Snap up a copy today!

Hear Corey talk about the book, and his own work, in our interview with him above. And, if you live in the New York/New Jersey area, stop by Unique Photo on December 15 from 4-6pm to hear Corey talk about using Lensbaby lenses to capture dynamic and creative images.

Above image by Corey Hilz shot with the Plastic Optic

Above image by Corey Hilz shot with the Sweet 35 Optic

Above image by Corey Hilz shot with the Fisheye Optic