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Celebrate the simpler side of photography this April 29th with Worldwide Pinhole Day! Pinhole cameras have no lenses – only a tiny aperture (ideally smaller than f/100) to focus light. You can even make a pinhole yourself – many people have and the Internet is rife with DIY pinhole instructions. We interviewed one such DIY-er, Justin Lundquist of Wanderlust Cameras, to find out how he used Kickstarter to turn his Micro 4/3rds wide angle pinhole design into a real product – the Pinwide. Read on and you could win one yourself!

Getting Started – what was the original inspiration for the Pinwide?

I had always wanted to be able to shoot wide angle pinhole images with a digital camera. As soon as I saw Olympus advertising the E-P1 as a mirrorless camera, the lightbulb went off. This was what I had been waiting for. The absence of the mirror would allow us to sink the pinhole into the body to get it closer to the sensor – giving us a beautiful vignette and wide field of view.

Your site mentions the “feel of traditional analogue photography.” Do you feel that digital photography – as it’s commonly practiced – is missing something?

In general, both digital and analog photography have their pluses and minuses. It’s not that digital is “missing something,” it’s just different. I still use both and love what each one can give me. We’re just excited that we were able to achieve such
a wide field of view and vignette with the Pinwide – giving us the feel of traditional analog pinhole.

Growing – How did you get photographers to start using the Pinwide?

Pinwide pinhole with case Pinwide became a reality because of our successful Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a perfect platform to gauge public interest – we got an amazing response and hundreds of photographers made it clear that they wanted the Pinwide. We were determined to make the Pinwide either way but it would have been really difficult without the support we received on Kickstarter. We had a good experience and I would absolutely recommend Kickstarter to creative entrepreneurs.

Once we launched the Kickstarter project we emailed as many blogs as we could and used Flickr to get Pinwide images in front of people. After that it grew by word of mouth – which we helped along by re-blogging and re-tweeting our initial Kickstarter backers.

Nostalgia time! Tell us about your first camera.

My first camera was a Kodak Ektra that took 110 film. I was about 8 years old. I would take it whenever I went out of town to visit my grandparents. I remember taking snapshots of old western towns, Royal Gorge, and of course family portraits.

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UPDATE – This giveaway is now closed and the pinwide has been awarded to Matthew Ellis Inman. Thanks for Playing! Enter to win a Pinwide for your Micro 4/3rds camera – just tell us the slowest shutter speed you’ve used in the comments below. On April 30th at 10:30 AM Pacific we’ll randomly choose one commenter as the winner!

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