Lensbaby Ultimate Portrait Kit Sweepstakes

Lensbaby Ultimate Portrait Kit
UPDATE: This Sweepstakes is now closed. Thanks for entering and stay tuned – we’ll be announcing a winner soon. From now until December 31st, buy an Ultimate Portrait Kit and enter to win everything else you need to get your creative photo journey started!

Is a Kelly Moore Camera Bag on your wishlist this holiday season? What about an Eye-Fi card that wirelessly transmits photos from your camera to your computer? Or how about Photoshop actions from Kubota Image Tools specially designed for Lensbaby images?

If they’re already on your list, you’re in luck! If not, they’re pretty cool photography tools so listen up: we’re hosting a sweepstakes and if you’re one of three lucky winners they’ll all be yours.

The easiest way to enter is to purchase an Ultimate Portrait Kit from our web store (you’ll be entered automatically). You can also enter by purchasing an Ultimate Portrait Kit from an authorized retailer and emailing or snail-mailing us your receipt. We also have a No-Purchase-Necessary means of entry – it involves you mailing a pretty* postcard to us but check the full contest rules for details.

More info on those awesome prizes:

Ultimate Portrait Kit Sweepstakes - Prizes - Kelly Moore Bag Kelly Moore Bags are about as stylish, functional and fun as you can get in the world of camera bags. Each of our three sweepstakes winners will be able to pick a bag of their choice from their wide selection of styles for men and women.

Ultimate Portrait Kit Sweepstakes - Eye Fi Pro X2 Eye-Fi memory cards do the work for you. Shoot, and your photos will magically upload to your computer or your favorite sharing site. Each of our three sweepstakes winners will receive Eye-Fi’s premium Pro X2 8GB Wireless Card.

Ultimate Portrait Kit Sweepstakes - Kubota Lensbaby ActionsKubota Image Tools empower photographers to make the best images they can create. Each of our three sweepstakes winners will receive a Kubota Creative Tools Lensbaby Pak, specially designed for photos taken with Lensbaby lenses.

*No, a pretty postcard won’t increase your chances of winning but it will make us happy!

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