Happy 10th Birthday to us! And here’s a little gift for you – Lensbaby mobile phone wallpaper, for iPhone, Samsung & Nokia phones. Download yours today. (And if we don’t list your phone, still give it a shot – due to screen size it just may stretch or shrink a bit). Simply download the image of your choice onto your mobile phone, and set it as your wallpaper. 

Wallpaper Pack for Samsung phones

Wallpaper Pack for Nokia phones

Wallpaper Pack for iPhone 4/4s:

Wallpaper Pack for iPhone 5/5s (below)

LB_Photo_Wallpaper_5s LB_ComposerPro_SIANW_Wallpaper_5s LB_SPARK_SIANW_Wallpaper_5s LB_BRAND_SIANW_Wallpaper_5s LB_sianw_Wallpaper_5s LB_Brand_Wallpaper_5s LB_Spark_Wallpaper_5s LB_ComposerPro_Wallpaper_5s