The Lensbaby Step-up/Shade gives you more artistic control.  We created a special 37mm to 52mm step-up ring that fits into any of our 37mm threaded optics.

With the Step-up/Shade you can add 52mm filters to your favorite combination of Lensbaby optic, aperture, and accessory, opening up more creative possibilities.

Not compatible with the Sweet 35, Edge 80 or Fisheye Optics.

Screw your Step-up/ Shade onto the 37mm threads on the front of your Lensbaby optic.

With no filter attached, the lens shade provides 1.44 inches of depth from the lip of the shade to the optic's surface.

You can screw any 52mm filter onto the Step-up/Shade.


  • Rear is 37mm threaded
  • Front is 52mm threaded to attach 52mm filters
  • Measures 1.44 inches (3.66cm) from the front edge of the hood to the surface of optic
  • Internal grooves trap stray light to help minimize lens flare
  • Specially designed to work with the Lensbaby Composer and Composer Pro’s focus ring and recessed optics – third party step-up rings are too wide to fit into the Composer or Composer Pro.
  • Compatible with all Lensbaby optics except the Sweet 35, Edge 80 and Fisheye Optics.