Macro Converters


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Flowers, bugs, diamond rings - nothing is safe from your Lensbaby lens with the Macro Converters attached.

Available as a set containing one 8mm converter and one 16mm converter, you can also stack them together to make a 24mm converter.


  1. Replace your normal lens with a Lensbaby lens.
  2. Remove the existing optic from the Lensbaby lens.
  3. Screw on the Macro converter.
  4. Insert the optic of your choice.
  5. Set your camera to "M" mode.
  6. Adjust and focus.
  7. Shoot away!

Examples here: Macro Comparisons

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  • One 8mm converter which lets you focus from 0"- 8.13"
  • One 16mm converter which lets you focus from 2.25" - 6"
  • Stacked they become a 24mm converter which lets you focus from 1.63" - 5"
  • Compatible with Composer, Composer Pro, Muse, Scout, Control Freak and all optics*
  • Use in conjunction with the Macro Kit, with the Double Glass, Single Glass, Plastic, Soft Focus & Pinhole/Zone Plate optics for even closer focus

*Fisheye Optic is compatible with the 8mm Macro Converter only. It will allow you to touch your subject and still get it in focus. The 16mm will not work as it would put the focus behind the camera's sensor.